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About our center

  • In 1673, Hsu-A-Hua and other six different families started to cultivate this place, Cijin. 
    This place has many natural and sea sources around Kaohsiung port, such as fish, crabs, shells, mangroves, sea shore, and beaches.
    Cijin district and Pratas Islands are in the southwest of Kaohsiung city. In the southeastern this district is in front of the second port and next to the Hon-Mau port. In the north there is Gu mountain, in the west is the Taiwan strait. This place is narrow and long and goes from the northwest to southeast. The island is approximately 8.5 km long, and the average width is 400~500m. Total area is 3.852 square km. Geology: mixed with renewed high-status corallite and filled sand. Chi-Ho mountain: abundant corals and shells, sea fossil, stalactitec caves. Chi-Ho fort, Chi-Ho lighthouse, and Tian-Ho temple.
    Other spots: Chung-Chou-Guan-Chi temple, 25 ladies’ tomb, mangroves, sewage factory, shipyard, ice factory, fish markets, and seafood streets.
    Cijin District: this place was highly developed and populated in the old days. And this is the place all talents appear. This is the place where West-medicine, church, public schools, temples, restaurants, and merchants first appeared.
    Kaohsiung port:Starting from fishing, and commercial ports to the most important port in the southeast Asia, this port is the economic lifeline of Taiwan and is also the sixth big cargo port in the world. Cijin is the birthplace of Kaohsiung city. Without Cijin district, there will be no Kaohsiung port. Thus, this district plays an important role in the southern part of Taiwan.
    Our Attitude

    Care, Action, and Efficiency.
    Health is the priority of life. Only with healthy citizens can a country grow bigger and stronger. Cijin heath center is not only the basic level for hygiene services, it is also the place to propel the public hygiene affairs and provide our community with the best services to create a healthy community, and finally increase the competitiveness of our nation. All services are provided for our community, and we also hope we can have more intense bond with our people through helping with their health. Finally we hope healthy and long-lived lives can be enjoyed through our community.

    Principles for Our Services

    【Attitude】    Cordial and kind
    【Phone Calls】Quick and nimble Response
    【Taking Cases】Streamline the process
    【Working Procedures】Standard and quality guaranteed
    【Research and Development】Serve the people
    Service Categories

    Health consultancy, health examination, epidemic information, testing blood pressure and sugar, family articles (condoms), and brochures and sheets for hygiene education.