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Geographic environment

    Last Kaohsiung flag Cijin district by coastal waters not western city,with district, mountain area of drum and Cheng of salt, before town the district , harbor not little face each other through Kaohsiung harbour; Incorporate into this district and administer on island of Dongsha on the South China Sea and peaceful island of Nansha.

    This district is the inshore subsidiary island originally, high to reject the small stream and carry a large amount of silt to deposit , then link to each other on this island of Taiwan, becoming one shoal peninsula, the geographical position can just keep out and float the sand strong wave for the harbour of Kaohsiung , so become the best protective screen of the harbour of Kaohsiung.

    In 1967, in order to open up the second port in the harbour of Kaohsiung, the sandspit linking flag Cijin with Taiwan was cut, make flag Cijin become the subsidiary island in the shoal once again . Kaohsiung was promoted as the municipality directly under the Central Government in 1979, and put island of Dongsha and peaceful island of Nansha under the administration of flag Cijin district. Will it be May 1984, Kaohsiung pass Hong Kong tunnel open to the traffic , make foreign traffic , flag of Cijin greatly improve.

    The visiting resources of flag Cijin is enriched, historical sites are numerous, under the construction of the municipal government in recent years , form and visit the area of scenic spot led gradually.