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Traffic informations

    1.Take the masses to transport
     Bus: Take Bus No. 1, 31, 50 to the ferryboat head the ferryboat of transmitting to Cijin.
     Bus: Take Bus No. 35 from Cianjhen to Cijin stand, every day depart from 06:30 and last bus at 12:20.

    2.From the sea route (take the ferryboat)
     Gushan ferry crossing course At 06:00~24:00, class one every 4-6 minute (come and go to go), about 0.5 sea miles of course.
    Serve the telephone number 551-4316(Gushan ferry station), 571-2542, (Cijin ferry station)

     Cianjhen ferry crossing course At 2210 0545 0545, class one every 20-30 minute, about 1.05 sea miles of course.
    Serve the telephone number 841-3048 (Cianjhen ferry station),841-3048(Jhongjhou ferry station).

    3.Self-provided means of transportation
     Zhongshan highway getting high terminal point Zhongshan overpass lay, connect Yugang Rd, meet n Sinsheng Rd is it move direct to turn left, have trail guide enter the urban area of Cijin of promptly after passing Cijin tunnel (vapors, motorcycle can pass through all)